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Meet the Team


Born in Middleton, Nova Scotia, David has called Bridgewater home for most of his life. His coaching journey spans over four decades, beginning with karate in the late 70s and transitioning to competitive kickboxing in the late 80s. In the early 1990s, David introduced amateur boxing to the South Shore when he opened Bridgewater Boxing. What drives David is witnessing his students' progression and the confidence they build through their training. He firmly believes in boxing as a positive outlet for youth. Holding a Level 3 coaching certification, qualifying him to coach at the Canada Games and Nationals, David's classes are not only fun but also highly productive. With an infectious sense of humour, David inspires the best in his students, motivating generations of boxers and kickboxers through his unwavering positivity and encouragement.

David Penny
Heather Penny


Born and raised in Bridgewater, Heather Penny has immersed herself in the world of boxing for more than eight years. What began as a quest to improve her balance has blossomed into a passion. In 2018, Heather took her commitment a step further, completing her Level 1 Boxing Canada Coaching certification. For Heather, DMC is more than just a training ground; it's a second home filled with cherished friendships and unforgettable moments. As a coach, Heather plays a crucial role in our Stress Reliever class, guiding warm-ups and conducting focused pad work. Within the DMC community, Heather is celebrated for her warm smile and quick-witted humour.


Meet Melissa Cross, affectionately known as Missy within the DMC community. Hailing from Pleasant River, she has been a dedicated kickboxer at DMC for an impressive 15 years. What keeps Missy hooked on kickboxing is its ever-changing nature – no two workouts are alike, and the sheer joy of kicking packs a punch of fun! With over five years of coaching experience under her belt, Missy has also achieved her Level 1 Boxing Canada Coaching certification. As a kickboxer, she embodies speed and power, while her coaching role allows her to connect with members of all fitness levels. Around the club, Missy is celebrated for her warm and welcoming personality, creating a friendly atmosphere that newcomers quickly appreciate. Her students value her patient and encouraging approach, making her a cherished member of the DMC family.

Melissa Cross
Denice Teed


Introducing Denice Teed of Brier Island, who has been a vibrant member of DMC's kickboxing family for more than 13 years. What fuels Denice's passion for kickboxing is the sport's dynamic and ever-evolving nature. It's not only an outstanding workout but also an absolute blast, offering her the chance to forge new friendships along the way. With her Level 1 NCCP coaching certification in hand, Denice has embraced her role as a coach. Watching her students thrive and progress is a source of immense satisfaction, and it's also an opportunity for her to grow personally. She has honed her coaching skills under the mentorship of Dave. Within the club, Denice is known for infusing her classes with a joyful spirit and uplifting attitude. Her students adore her for the laughter-filled and invigorating experiences she provides. Denice is an invaluable asset to the DMC community, both as a kickboxer and as a coach.


With over three years of coaching experience, Christine is a formidable presence in the world of boxing. Her journey in the sport spans seven years, and she completed her coaching course in 2018. Christine's resumé as a competitive boxer speaks volumes, boasting three provincial titles and participation in international tournaments as a proud Nova Scotia representative, including the Canadian Olympic Qualifiers in 2019. Christine's prowess as an athlete is matched by her deep understanding of boxing and fitness theory. She finds immense joy in giving back to her community and sharing her knowledge with others. To further her contribution to the sport, Christine has also completed the Officials Course (Level 2), granting her the authority to officiate at local competitions across Nova Scotia. Her multifaceted role within the sport exemplifies her commitment to growth and success.

Christine Anderson


Meet Peter Stuart, a Bridgewater native with over three decades of boxing and coaching experience under his belt. Peter's journey in the sport began over 30 years ago, and he's been a mainstay in the boxing world ever since. From 1989 through to 1996, he was a formidable presence in the competitive circuit, securing victories in the Nova Scotia provincials in 1994 (lightweight) and 1995 (light welterweight). In 1991, Peter received his National Coaching Certification alongside David Penny, cementing his status as a respected coach. His coaching expertise extends beyond boxing to other sports such as kickboxing, soccer, volleyball, basketball, and hockey. What drives Peter is his genuine passion for helping athletes learn and grow, making it a true labor of love. Around the club, Peter is celebrated for his sense of humour, which never fails to bring a smile to everyone's face. His coaching style is direct yet encouraging, inspiring athletes to reach their full potential. Peter Stuart is not only a valuable asset to the DMC community but a driving force behind the success of countless athletes.


Originally from Alberta, Kim made her mark at DMC in 2021 after relocating to Bridgewater. Despite having no prior boxing experience, she fell head over gloves for the sport. Kim's completed her NCCP Boxing - Instruction training in spring 2023, and she has continued to improve her coaching skills under Dave's expert mentorship. Kim's passion shines through her desire for boxing, fitness, and teaching. She derives immense joy from coaching, bringing her infectious enthusiasm to every session. Within the club, Kim is known for her challenging workouts, her welcoming attitude, and her warm sense of humour.

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