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Dave's Multisports Boxing and Kickboxing Club
Inside of Dave's Multisports Club


Founded in 1991, Dave's Multisports Club (DMC) is a non-profit sports club based out of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. The club is owned and operated by David Penny, a coach with over 40 years of coaching experience. Over the past few years, under the guidance of David, our coaching team has grown – we now have five coaches and a qualified boxing judge. We also currently have boxers in the competitive circuit.

Our classes are open to all skill and fitness levels, so come and join in, get fit, and have fun!


No matter your skill level.

DMC offers a variety of boxing classes, women's only recreational kickboxing, kids' classes, and conditioning classes. You don't need to be a competitive boxer to participate in our classes. Boxing and kickboxing are a great way to get in shape, stay fit, and to just have fun!

David Penny catches a kick from Denice Teed
Graidy Swinimer sparring at Dave's Multisports


Show up on time
No swearing
No gum, drugs, or alcohol
Respect your peers
Leave your attitude at the door
Control your anger
No fighting outside the club


Attitude is everything.

I am often asked about the different levels of boxing at the club, but the reality is there are no levels - just attitude.

Attitude is what you bring to the class. Hatred, a chip on your shoulder, anger, prejudice, criticism... leave those at the door. 

Attitude is the difference between confidence and over-confidence, between shyness and boasting, and between idleness and action.

A positive attitude is the foundation. It does not apply just to how you act or present yourself in the gym; it should reflect your goals and your motivation. 

-- Dave

David Penny
Vintage boxing gloves



Boxing is one of the oldest sports, dating back to the 23rd Olympiad in 688 BCE. Amateur boxing is now an organized sport, affiliated with the International Boxing Association (IBA), in over 150 countries, and is performed in more countries than any other sport except track and field.

Modern Olympic boxing evolved in 1904, and boxers continued to participate in all modern Olympic Games except in 1912.

During the first decades, the USA and Great Britain dominated the gold medals, with Italy, South Africa, Argentina, and Canada following. In 1960, Eastern European countries, led by the USSR, and later, East Germany, became international boxing powers. In 1970, Cuba began to ascend to the top of the world in boxing, a position it still holds.

Today, Kazakhstan, Cuba, and the USA are considered to have the world's top amateur boxers.



Boxing (Cardio)

Dave's Multisports has been a big part of my fitness regime for years. A great stress reliever is just the start. I show up there in a sour mood and leave with a smile. Dave's professionalism is not found at any gym that I have been to before. It's always something different and always fun. You don't have to be an expert there, you just need to show up!


Boxing (Competitive)

Dave and everyone in the gym have taught me many things - not just in boxing but in life as well. I am very grateful for who I have become since I started boxing and I highly recommend it to anyone is wanting a new challenge and craving a new goal in life. 


Boxing (Cardio; Stress Reliever), Personal Training

I LOVE the GREAT cardio I get from my Boxing classes! Not only does my body get a fabulous workout, but learning the combos & proper techniques really engages the brain. As a senior citizen, it is essential to keep learning new things & to stay active! There is a true community feel at the gym, and everyone is very encouraging. If you haven't tried boxing yet, I think you should!


Boxing (Stress Reliever)

I have tried so many different exercises, clubs and activities over the years but I have never stuck with one - until Dave started a stress-relief boxing class. Dave and his coaches lead each class with the good humour and motivation that makes you laugh and sweat at the same time. Dave is a master at making every single person, no matter their skill level, feel like they are getting individual attention and the workout they need. I have never left a class without a smile on my face.

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